Version 1.0.6 – 15th September 2020
– Loading spinners have been added to some buttons
– If a video is still processing after upload / a stream finishing it will now display a “video not ready” page
– Shortlinks are here!
— You can now have a shortlink for your live channel and profile.
— Profile shortlinks are enabled as standard for all streamers now. People can go to to view your brand page.
— Channel shortlinks will have to be set on a per channel basis from the channel admin page.  This will allow you to share the link instead of the old URL in the current version.
-Implemented Multiple RTMP Restreams. Accessible at the bottom of the Channel’s settings screen

Version 1.0.5 – 28th July 2020
– Fixed issue with viewers being double counted for embedded streams
– Resolved more issues with Safari / IOS Browsers and some mobile browsers
– Added new Genres: Christ House, Rock, Mo Town, Open Format, Organic House and Progressive House
– Updated the Brands page so links on there take you directly to a brand profile to view all brand channels and past streams

Version 1.0.4 – 21st July 2020
– We have updated the way the channels that a streamer can have now works. A DJ streamer will be limited to 3 channels on their account and a Brand package will now be limited to 5 channels on their account.
– The £9.99 streamer package will allow you to have 3 channels. There will be no video recording and you will not be able to upload past mixes to your channel.
– The £14.99 streamer package will allow you to have 3 channels. You can record your streams and publish them on your channel. You will not be able to upload past mixes. 30GB total storage for you whole account.
– The £17.99 streamer package will allow you to have 5 channels. You can record your streams and publish them on your channel. You can also upload past videos / mixes. 80GB total storage for your whole account.
– Improvements to the latency between our servers which will reduce the delay from the streamer to the viewer.
– More assets are stored and loaded locally to reduce page load times for people on slower connections.
– Videos on the homepage are now referred to as Past Streams.
– Updated live stream chat styling so messages are easier to read.
– Default images for users, videos and streams have been updated. This will not overwrite your custom images as a streamer or viewer.
– We also resolved an issue with playback on certain mobile and tablet devices as well as some instances of Safari as well.

Version 1.0.3 – 1st July 2020
– Removed ability to have spaces in usernames. This was causing issues with chat not loading. ALL CURRENT USERS WITH A SPACE IN THEIR USERNAME WILL HAVE IT CONVERTED TO AN UNDERSCORE.
– Video clipping process has been tweaked to prevent audio desync. Video clips may take a little longer to generate because of this.
– Biographies and Channel descriptions can now be double the length they were before (this is now 4096 characters).
– Re-enabled login with Facebook. You can now login to the #Beathubz live platform with your Facebook account again.
– Added new Genres: Bass House, Big Room, Commercial, Deep House, EDM, Electro, Funky House, Future House, GABBA, Hip Hop, Jump Up D&B, Jungle, Left Field, Liquid D&B, Pop Music, PSY Trance, Radio Show, Tech House, Hard Techno, Hard Trance, Hardstyle, Podcast, Television, Tribal House. Want a Genre Added? Let us know here!
– Resolved issues where videos and live streams would not play back for some users using older devices

Version 1.0.2
– From your channels page you can now click a button to copy the rtmp:// address
– Updated Error pages to give more information that is actually useful to fixing an issue.
– Added additional Genres for you to choose from when setting up your channel or uploading a video.
– Updated default / placeholder images for videos and users.
– When you share your live stream on social media it will now display your own artwork and channel name instead of the default Beathubz one.
– The homepage now looks neater under the ‘live’ and ‘videos’ section.

Version 1.0.1
– The live chat for streams will now clear out at 4am (BST) every day so the chat is clear for when you next go live on your channel.
– On the channel editor page you can now see the recommended size for images for your channel.
– You can now see the rtmp:// address for streaming on your channel page without needing to go to the help website.

Version 1.0
Beathubz platform has officially launched! You can now sign up for streamer accounts over at