Once your streamer account has been activated you will need to create the channel you will stream to before you can go live.


To start, login to your streamer account at https://beathubz.com/login and then click on your name in the top right hand corner and go to My Channels.

From here you will then want to click on the + Create Channel icon. This will open up a new window where you can edit the information for your channel.

Channel Image: This should be 384×216 pixels in size. People will see this image when searching for and visiting your channel so make it stand out!

Channel Name: This is what your channel to be called. For example “Joe’s House Music Stream”

Topic: Topics, in this case, are the Genres that your channel is associated with. If you select a topic/genre for your channel then your channel will show up on our Genre’s page when people are looking for streams to listen to.

Record Video: This feature is only available with the Professional and Platinum packages. When enabled, your streams will automatically record and be published to your channel once you have finished the stream.

Enable Chat: If you want to interact with your fans while you are streaming then enable the chat feature. Note that users who aren’t logged into the website will be associated a random name (such as Guest#1234).

Allow comments on recorded videos: If this is turned on then viewers will be able to leave comments on your recorded videos. Note that this can be disabled on a per video basis as well.

Description: Here you can put in as much information as you want about yourself and your brand. You can also add in external links as well if you want to.

Once all of the above has been done, click on ‘Save’ and your channel will be created for you.