#Beathubz is a fully legal and licensed streaming platform for DJ’s to upload and stream their shows to.


The Basics…

In order to stream to the #Beathubz service you will need a few different things:

  • An active streamer subscription which can be purchased from our online store. There are 3 different packages you can currently choose from.
  • A computer, machine or mobile device that will be capable of live streaming to our service
  • A steady, decent, internet connection that will facilitate the live streaming process.
  • Live streaming software in order to stream your content to #Beathubz.


There are many different types of streaming software out there that can be used in order to go live on #Beathubz. We recommend using Open Broadcast Software (otherwise known as OBS) as it’s free to download and easy to setup and start streaming with. You can download OBS by clicking here.

More mobile phone users please use your app store and Download Streamlabs

Getting the most out of your stream

Below we have prepared 7 tips on how to get the most out of your stream:

  1. If you are showing yourself / your face then have a clear and good quality camera.
  2. Stream at the highest quality you can depending on your device and your internet connection. We can support up to 4K quality (8500kb/s) streaming.
  3. Have a DJ or Brand logo on your stream. People may be visiting for the first time so it’s good for them to remember who you are!
  4. Have a good idea of your music and how it will flow. For example vocal floaty to driving techno may not be the best transition.
  5. If you do have a camera on; smile, look at the camera from time to time and dance / get into the mix.
  6. If you have one, use a microphone and interact with your viewers. Let people ask for requests or suggest tracks for you to drop.
  7. Use the built in chat feature and interact with your viewers!

What is the #Beathubz Server Streaming Address?

You will need to input the streaming address into your streaming software in order to connect to the #Beathubz service.

Our server addresses are here