Thinking of starting your own live stream? You will want to get some equipment first in order to make sure the stream is smooth and both looks and sounds awesome. Below is some of the equipment that we recommend you use:

If you want to be seen on your stream or if you want people to see your decks while you are mixing, consider getting a HD webcam. We recommend the Fusion 5 Full HD Webcam. With a simple Fusion5 Full HD Webcam with Microphonesetup that is basically plug and play you will be able to show yourself and your decks on the stream with minimal effort.
The biggest issue you will face with the webcam is having it look down on your decks or be positioning in the correct place. For this we recommend a Tencro Webcam Mount which will allow you to position it just where you want it to be.

Greenscreen – optional
If you want to add a bit of flair to your stream with your own visuals then you can also consider getting a greenscreen. This will allow you to use what’s called a ‘Chroma Key’ within your streaming software in order to remove the background and then overlay your visuals. For this we recommend going with something like the Neewer Background Support System which will come with the greenscreen, lights and softboxes to ensure the setup is just right.

In order to stream you will need some kind of device, whether it be a mobile phone or a laptop, in order to go live. We recommend any laptop that has got an i5 Processor, between 8 and 16GB of RAM and around 250GB of Solid State Drive storage space. Something like this Lenovo Laptop would be more than idea for getting your stream up and running.

Even if you have the best WiFi in the house, we always recommend using a wired connection where possible for when you are livestreaming. A wired connection will provide the stability that you need when streaming and will be less prone to any outside interference unlike wireless connections. You can view a range of different lengths of cable here.