We’re constantly adding new features to the Beathubz platform to make it the best live platform around for DJ streaming. If you have an suggestions or would like to request a feature then you can do so on our discord server or by emailing

Here you can find a roadmap of what we currently have in development and a rough timeline of when it will be released:

Short Term – Between 1 / 2 Months Away

  • Instead of purchasing and managing your subscription through a separate website ( it’ll all be moved over to the main platform meaning you can manage your subscription in one place with just one login.
  • Subscriptions and Tips integrated into the main website. People will be able to directly support you via the website in the form of “tips” and “supporter subscriptions” without even needing to leave your live stream page.
  • Chat Overlay – this is a highly requested feature and one that we are working on expediting to improve the viewer interaction and experience while you are live. When you fullscreen a video you will be able to see the most recent chat messages and also reply to them without needing to scroll up and down to get to the chat box.
  • Chat “guest” names. Another one is allowing people to set their name in chat without the need for an account on the platform.
  • A clock / timer at the bottom of the live streams so that people can see how long you have been live for.

Mid Term – Between 3 / 6 months away

  • Streamer Dashboard – this will make your live stream experience better.
    • Tied in with the streamer dashboard you will be able to do the following:
      • Preview your stream before you go live to check the audio feed and video feed is correct. You will then be able to press “go live” once you are ready to go live.
      • See the chat for your channel from the same dashboard.
      • See any new tips or subscriptions to your channel from the dashboard.

Long Term – Between 6 / 9 months away

  • User Interface Overhaul – We are planning a user interface overhaul based on user feedback that we receive.

We also have a few other cool features on the horizon which we can’t announce just yet but we will let you know once we can!